How to wash an electric kettle with vinegar

Electric kettle manufacturers do not recommend using vinegar to remove mineral deposits - after all, it is too aggressive. But sometimes without this powerful tool can not do.

The method is suitable for: plastic, glass and metal teapots with a very large amount of old scale.

Ingredients: water - about 500 ml and vinegar 9% - a little less than 1 cup or vinegar essence 70% - 1-2 tablespoons.

Recipe: pour water into a teapot and boil it, then pour acetic acid into boiling water and leave the scale soaked in a solution 1 hour, during which you should periodically lift the lid and check how the process of scaling from the walls of the kettle goes. If the scale does not come off on its own, but only loosens, then it will need to be removed with a sponge. Do not forget to boil water in a clean kettle once or twice, and then rinse it thoroughly to wash off all the remains of vinegar.

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