How to clean up the kitchen on your own?

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

How to clean up your kitchen do on your own? Very simple, if rationally approach the cleaning process. You can adhere to the following recommendations:

1. First of all, you need to remove from the kitchen everything that should not be there. For example, you should definitely find a place in other rooms for cosmetics, children's toys, tights, magazines and other items.

2. If some kitchen items are idle for more than two to three weeks, they must be removed to the kitchen drawer or to the mezzanine. Nothing extra - the main rule of an ideal order.

3. Start cleaning by removing the web. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth wound around a broom.

4. Wipe off dust from fixtures and shades. If they have not washed for more than a month, it is worth taking a more responsible approach to cleaning. After washing, they must be allowed to dry.

5. The next step is to clean the cooker hood. It is necessary to take out the filter and soak it in hot water with a strong detergent. While it is soaking, you can wash the hood itself from dirt and grease. Next, the filter is thoroughly cleaned with a brush and returned to its place.

6. Now you need to wipe the dust from the cabinets and cupboards, clean them from grease if necessary. It should be prepared for the fact that this will not be easy. Care must be taken not to scratch the surface of the cabinets.

7. Now it is time to clean up the refrigerator. It is important to disconnect it from the network. You can thaw it if it has not been done for a long time. All spoiled products should go to the trash without regret. The shelves of the refrigerator must be washed using a detergent or vinegar solution. Then the surfaces are thoroughly wiped dry, now all products are laid out on shelves.

8. Wash the microwave. To do this, just put a rag soaked in lemon juice inside and twist for one to two minutes. Now the remnants of food and dirt can be easily cleaned, and inside there will be a pleasant smell of citrus. The oven is finally wiped dry.

9. Washing the stove and oven is one of the most difficult tasks. It is necessary to remove the grill, baking sheets and all removable elements. They are soaked in hot water and soap for 15-20 minutes. Now the cleaning will be very simple.

10. Doors and interior surfaces of cabinets are washed and wiped dry. We will talk about the order in the inner space a little later.

11. Kitchen apron tiles and walls also need to be washed. Particularly noteworthy are the inter-tile seams that become soiled very quickly.

12. Windows and doors should also be kept clean. On the windowsill, vases or flower pots, small items of kitchen utensils in a small space are appropriate. All the rest of the trash needs to be sorted out, the excess should be thrown away, and the right one should be found in the cabinets.

13. Wipe off all kitchen appliances. There should be a minimum of objects on the work surface for easy cooking.

14. The sink must be kept clean. After washing the dishes, it should be poured with detergent and left for a while. Then it should be washed and grated to a shine.

15. The bin should not be dirty. Garbage bags should be used for convenience, and the container itself also sometimes needs to be washed.

16. In conclusion, it remains to vacuum or sweep the floors, wash them with detergent for the floor surface.

Do-it-yourself cleaning will guarantee the organization of order in the kitchen. The room will shine with cleanliness and comfort, delighting the hostess and her household.

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